There are Family, Single, Young Adult, Social and Corporate memberships available.

Certificated Membership

SG&CC maintains 400 stock memberships. Certificated members enjoy full golfing and Clubhouse privileges, including year-round tee time availability and daily food and beverage offerings. Monthly dues are determined by the membership level specified by the certificate holder.

Golf members have access to all of the Clubhouse dining and meeting facilities.

  • Family:
    Husband, wife and/or child under the age of 19 living at home
  • Couple:
    Husband and wife and/or a domestic couple residing in the same home
  • Individual:
    Playing membership for a man or woman only
  • Corporate:
    One certificate is issued to a company, with up to three additional designated playing members.

Student / Young Adult Membership

Our Student Membership Program is available to students that reside in Skagit Valley. Non-area students may be accepted based upon approval from the resident Golf Professional. Students may not exceed the 12th grade and must have previous golf experience.

Young Adult Membership

This non-certificated membership enjoys all of the Club privileges excluding voting rights and any proprietary interest in the assets of the Club. The membership is divided between two age categories, 21-29 and 30-39. At age 40, a Young Adult member will be required to purchase a certificate if s/he wishes to continue having Club privileges.

Social Membership

A Social membership grants a family, married or domestic couple, or individuals and their guests, access to the Clubhouse in its entirety. This includes privileges such as daily breakfast and lunch, Thursday night Club Dinners, Pub Nights, monthly themed events, card playing and other social activities. Social members are granted five golf outings per year at the posted green fees. This membership level does not have voting privileges.